Best Vegetarian/Vegan Burgers In Berlin

January 7, 2017

Perfectly crisp on the outside with just enough juice on the inside, lots of sauce dripping out, some fries freshly out of the pan on the side; that’s my definition of perfect burger date. One that you can smooch the very first time. I am sorry for my excited tone but I can’t help it when the subject is- my favourite veggie/vegan burgers in town. So, here you go… Continue Reading…

Dreamy in Palma de Mallorca

September 11, 2016
Berlin blogger_mallorca

Right now I feel exactly how you would feel after an amazing vacation near the sea. Extremely happy about how well it went and extremely sad that now I am back to the realities of the world- doing dirty ten days’ laundry, figuring out groceries, experiencing Monday blues and having no nature around to wake up to. But you know what I miss the most after any holiday? Continue Reading…

Relationships and Mobile Connectivity

August 7, 2016

11:45 am- I was in crazy amount of hurry to rush to my yoga class, scheduled at 12:15 every Sunday

But just when I was about to leave, my phone pinged. I checked thinking it will be a quick one. It was someone very close to me asking my whereabouts and where have I been hiding. Continue Reading…

O’Neill’s Unique Sandals Made from Indian Palm Leaves

July 29, 2016
O'Neill Palm Sandals (14)

I love palm trees and their tropical vibe. So it was very natural for me to fall for the idea of utilising (otherwise wasted) palm tree leaves for making pretty cool sandals. This post introduces Jack O’Neill, who conceptualised the idea in order to do his bit towards protecting the environment. Continue Reading…

Moroccan Spicy Chickpea Soup

July 23, 2016

Are you someone like me who loves warm meals for dinner; maybe a bit spicy too? Then I have an amazing and super easy recipe for you guys that does not need a lot of effort but turns out really good. Besides, chickpeas are high on protein! Continue Reading…

Off-Shoulder in Bavaria

May 16, 2016
Off-shoulder trend

If there is one trend I cannot get enough of this year then it is off-shoulder. A bit of sexy, a bit of sweet, a bit of don’t care and all that put together in the most effortless way possible.  Continue Reading…

Berlin to Neuschwanstein

May 16, 2016

I absolutely love May in Germany; it’s full of long weekends. On one such weekend that gave us four days in a row, we decided to drive to the south of Germany along the ‘Romantic Road’ till Neuschwanstein castle. Having seen enough of Pinterest pins about it, I already had a head full of fairy-tale like road trip imaginations.  Continue Reading…

Commandments of Chic

April 17, 2016
Notes of Chic

Sorry guys but ‘chic’ is what money cannot buy any of us. You either have it or you don’t. Saying that, there is absolutely nothing in the world we can’t learn. I learn a little everyday; sometimes from my own mistakes and a lot of times by those made by others. Talking chic, it is often trivialised as just clothes and make-up and that’s the myth we will break today.  Continue Reading…

Indian Womanhood In Your Face

March 30, 2016
Money, Kitty Parties & Clothes Is All A Bahu Knows

Just came across profile of Nimisha Bhanot, a stunning visual artist from Canada and I am in love with her work. Her series on Indian women breaks all stereotypes on womanhood in a quirky way and that’s why this unusual post made to my inspiration board. Not only are the paintings worthy of kicking conventional barriers, they look visually beautiful. Continue Reading…

Home Decor For Spring/Summer

March 19, 2016

If I had to spend my last bits of wealth on something and the choice was a luxury closet and a beautiful home then I would definitely choose later. You can feel luxurious sitting in your slip dress if the surroundings are exquisite and as per your taste but the other way round is not exactly possible; not atleast with me. Continue Reading…

Flared Jeans On Flats

March 19, 2016

A close friend of mine who follows trends closely recently mentioned how she has not been able to wear flared jeans because her current knee pain does not allow her to wear heels. It baffles me how trend reports in magazines restrict people in deciding their own trends based on their personal convenience.   Continue Reading…

Bringing Sexy Back

March 19, 2016

There is no more chic than a minimalist sexy back and a messy hair do. 

Image Courtesy: Sassique


Budapest Diaries: Best Cheese Sandwich

March 14, 2016
Best cheese sandwich in budapest

The title says it all! I am just going to reveal the place that offers the most tempting cheese sandwiches, stews and more. It is nowhere but in a regular cobbled street of the Jewish Quarter of Budapest. I am talking about ‘Bors Gasztrobár’, a small cosy cafe serving street food.  Continue Reading…

Orange-Scented Fennel Bulgur Recipe

March 6, 2016
berlin blogger_Veg Fennel bulgur recipe1

I feel extremely relieved this week after my Facebook page’s name has also been changed to match the new blog name. I had to talk to Facebook reps ten times back and forth to execute something that seemed to easy. But it ended well so I am super happy.

To celebrate this, I wanna share this healthy, quick and yum recipe that I tried last weekend after being inspired from a book that I have on vegetarian recipes called 30-Minute Vegetarian by Rose Elliot. It combines the nutrition of bulgur wheat and tang of orange and makes for a perfect Sunday lunch.  Continue Reading…

World’s Best Spiced Hot Chocolate Recipe

February 21, 2016
berlin blogger_spiced hot chocolate recipe7

This weekend was mostly about lounging at home; all thanks to the consistent stubborn rain. But this gave me a chance to watch movies, read, be lazy with my love, cook some amazing meals and most importantly have my favourite hot chocolate; while also sharing the recipe with you guys.

When I say it is the best hot chocolate in the world then I mean it! Perfectly sweet, tinge of salty and spicy, this one will make you crave for more. Continue Reading…

Hello SOS the Studio

February 7, 2016
berlin fashion blog_black look39_1024

There are girls who walk around with sexy cross-body satchels, some with backpacks and then there are those who need to carry their world with them. I am definitely the last at most times. Always on a look out for a big everyday bag that can accommodate my yoga gear, energy food, a bag of chips, rose pepper chocolate, allergy meds, thermal facial water, dry shampoo and ugh the list is endless. Besides, the bag should look chic too.

I was lucky to get one from a new Scandinavian brand that opened last September in Berlin, SOS the Studio. Continue Reading…

Black & White Luxe

November 21, 2015
shagun-vogue-and-vegan-berlin-irene-wissel-large (12 of 45)

Collaborations are always fun; specially if its with an amazing photographer and person like Ira of irenewissel. Super chirpy and fun, she managed to make me giggle in most photos; while being able to get some candid photos too. Continue Reading…

Big Hair & Black Kohl

October 25, 2015
big hair

Sharing this W Magazine feature for my undying love for big hair and kohl. 🙂

Photo by Mert & Marcus, styled by Edward Enninful; W Magazine September 2011.


Blueberry Crushed

September 2, 2015
blueberry banana smoothie-001

After all the green smoothies over last few days, I was badly craving a simple blueberry smoothie and it turned out extremely rich and tasty. Try this simple one with just few added ingredients…  Continue Reading…

Joseph – Brot vom Pheinsten- Best Café in Vienna

August 23, 2015
vienna travel tips 1-001

Whenever I travel somewhere in Europe, I like to visit some nice café in any city or town. Ones that are beautiful to look at, have some heritage or just know how to make simple good coffee and food. Recent trip to Vienna was no different with me having heard that the city has some of the best coffee places. Continue Reading…

Somerset Meadow from Crabtree & Evelyn

August 23, 2015
Crabtree & Evelyn

The first time I smelled a green tea fragrance was the very popular Green Tea collection from Elizabeth Arden years back and it definitely appealed to my olfactory senses. And then I kept trying some now and then. But I am writing tonight quickly before snuggling into bed about my one of the best green fragrances I used so far, ‘Somerset Meadow‘ from Crabetree & Evelyn. Continue Reading…

Little Red Dress

August 17, 2015
Red dress_notes of chic

If you did not already read my Under The Tuscan Sun post then this post might seem meaningless because for me fashion embraces within its fold every detail of your life- where and how you travel, what you eat, how you greet and how you love. Since these pictures were taken during my town hopping in Tuscany, they will make a lot more sense in the context of that. Or else its just a red dress post. The pictures are taken by my very loving husband Rohan. I would not say much here and let the pictures be my story; while the red fiercely shouts out love, passion, compassion, sexy, powerful, and intensive.  Continue Reading…

Pineapple Spinach Tropical Smoothie Recipe

August 16, 2015
Pineapple spinach tropical smoothie recipe

Tropical smoothies are the best way to refreshing any summer morning. I recently tried this smoothie recipe from ‘The Blender Girl’, using pineapple as the base and it turned out amazing. It’s sweet, tangy and of course very healthy. So, try it and tell me how it went.  Continue Reading…

Julian Zigerli Spring/Summer 16′

August 13, 2015
Julian Zigerli_Berlin fashion blogger

Julian Zigerli is one designer from Berlin who instills a fresh dose of fun and quirk in German fashion scene. He experiments, challenges and most importantly plays as he creates his designs. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin Spring/Summer 2016 was my first chance of witnessing his guerrilla show that took place in an unusually interesting location,a public park. The models clad in quirky clothes, covered in grass carried their own music via small wireless speakers in one hand. The whole vibe was kinda cool complementing the clothes. You can actually visit his website and shop online. Something I personally love are his backpacks.  Continue Reading…

Under the Tuscan Sun

August 12, 2015
Tuscany travel blog

My title is taken from the movie ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’ because it embodies the exact emotion that I have; while leaving much to one’s imagination.

Tuscany is on most traveler’s bucket list and the reasons are simple- A picturesque landscape set in between some of the best vineyards and olive farms of the world, with food dipped in aromatic cheeses and home to some big fashion houses.  Continue Reading…

A Short Trip To Liguria, Italy

August 1, 2015
Cinque Terra, Italy

When I started writing a post on my recent Tuscany trip, I realised that it was too much information to be conveyed through a single post so decided to break it up. Here is the first post that focusses on the Ligurian coast of Italy, which I visited briefly before heading to Chianti along with my husband of course. 🙂 Continue Reading…

Stripes Forever

July 26, 2015
Fashion Blogger

This beautiful bold stripes tunic came into my life all by chance when on a hot summery afternoon I was just dressed inappropriate in a warm blazer. Continue Reading…


July 25, 2015
Berlin Street Style_fashion blog

I was lucky to run into this lady who is ‘pretty brains dressed in sharp fashion’. Meet Selina Thuir, the founder of AGENTHUIR, a communication and marketing firm. Absolutely love the yellow over pastels!