25 Jahre Mauerfall

November 20, 2014

Oversized CoatEarlier this month was a big day in Berlin as we celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the Berlin Wall Fall. I felt lucky to have witnessed the celebration and the overall enthusiasm that the people showed. There was an emotional stir of happiness, calm, anguish, pain and satisfaction.

Everyone world around was talking about the relevance of the day and the grand celebration that included a faux wall that was created using illuminated balloons, which were released up in the air on the evening of 9th November. The light installation was based on an idea by Christopher Bauder and Marc Bauder and was actually very impressive as it gave a momentary feel of the wall. 

A lot of my weekend I spent wandering next to the light balloons, reading the stories of the wall, imagining the agony of the people and just thanking God that it was over. However, there are plenty of walls that  still stand in front of us and in between us. Walls of caste, class, colour and countries. But I am sure very soon, if we all try, we will be celebrating a fall of all these walls. Let us just try to better our hearts by each day. Let´s be kinder…more empathetic… more of what we may call-HUMAN. With that though I will leave you with this post from the same day.

Wearing an oversized olive coat from COS, sunnies from Gucci, woollen skirt by UNIQLO, lipcolour by Bobbi Brown, T-shirt by MANGO,  inside green long cardigan by Urban Outfitters.

Berlin Wall Fall 2014Berlin 25 Years Of Berlin_Wall Fall

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