Best Vegetarian/Vegan Burgers In Berlin

January 7, 2017

Perfectly crisp on the outside with just enough juice on the inside, lots of sauce dripping out, some fries freshly out of the pan on the side; that’s my definition of perfect burger date. One that you can smooch the very first time. I am sorry for my excited tone but I can’t help it when the subject is- my favourite veggie/vegan burgers in town. So, here you go…

1. Lia’s Kitchen – 100% Vegan: This tops my list for the quality of ingredients, the perfect crisp patty that is far from dripping in oil but rather feels light. Their concept is pretty simple. They offer three kinds of patties with a variety of homemade sauces. I do think this burger might be a little dry for lot of people but as stated before, its quality and choice of ingredients make it my low-guilt pleasure.


Img. Source- Lia’s Kitchen

Address: Kollwitzstraße 47, 10435 Berlin

Phone: 01517 5592001

Price for a burger: €6.40 – €7.20

2. Bun Bao: Just realised that this one happens to be in the same hood as Lia’s Kitchen but no I am not running a Prenzlauer Berg propaganda. Coincidence. 😉  Moving to the burgers, they have two vegan burgers and both my friend are terrific; one is with a bean patty and other with marinated tofu. With enough mango slices, spicy sauces and fresh coriander, these burgers are as beautifully asian as your taste buds would like.

Address: Kollwitzstraße 84, 10435 Berlin

Phone: 030 23496218

Price for a burger:  €7 – €7.50

3. Shiso Burger: Now we are moving towards Mitte and talking about another two lip-smacking asian burgers. One filled with fried tofu, eggplant, lots of mayonnaise and another with a Portobello mushroom. I can vouch for the veggie one with tofu as I am not too big on the Portobello one. The burgers are prepared right in front of you in an open kitchen, which sometimes gets annoying because the small little place can get all smelly and I know that some of my friends can’t really stand it. I tend to shut my olfactory senses for the sake of my taste buds because it really is worth it. I also love the street for its buzzing cafes, galleries, book stores and all things fine.

Address: Auguststr.29c, 10119 Berlin

Phone: 030 88944687

Price: €5.90 – €6

4. Vego Food World: A simple vegetarian/vegan fast food bio restaurant. That’s Vego best explained. It’s a fuss free, self-service kind of place that knows how to serve good food at good prices. The seating is humble and may seem unappealing but that’s what I like about it. They are there just to please with yummy burgers without any fancy frills. They have a zillion choices with my favorite being the ‘Vego’ signature burger with tofu (of course), vegetables and grilled cheese. I also really like their kokos shakes (coconut shakes).

Address: Lychener Str. 63 10437 Berlin

Phone: 030 30347975

Price: €3.40 – €4.50

5. Yellow Sunshine Burger: The list would be incomplete without this one for its one of the very few complete veggie/vegan burger joint in Berlin with a big menu. They use only bio ingredients and make pretty decent burgers. If you be in Kreuzberg and craving a burger then I can totally recommend going here. This place is also great for those who like mock meat. I personally feel a little uncomfortable eating something called a Bacon-Cheese burger even if it’s all vegan.

Address: Wiener Straße 19, 10999 Berlin

Phone: 030 69598720

Price: €4.90 – €6.20

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