Blame It On Destiny

February 4, 2015
Blame It On Destiny Book Review

It was some October afternoon when I received my copy of the book Blame It On Destiny by Indian author, Soorina Desai.

To be very honest, I was so busy with a lot of things back then that I kept delaying reading it. However, thanks to the enticing excerpts, I finally started reading it on my flight back to India in December and I can only say that not reading it would have meant missing out on one of the best Indian books of recent times.

The book revolves around the lives of few people, who to begin with, have absolutely no connection with each other. It is only with the course of time that all of them unknowingly cause drastic changes in the lives of one another. The author narrates the story in a very intricately woven pattern that keeps you glued till the very last and surprises time and again as the story unfolds and the maze is untangled. The in-depth characterisation of all the different people is so strong that you are bound to remember somebody you have known or atleast met sometime in your life. It is witty, interesting and relatable.

This book is as real as it can get and if you are someone from Mumbai or ever lived there, then do not miss reading this for it will feel just like home. Also, the saying, ‘Do not judge the book by its cover’, fits well in this case. 😉

Blame It On Destiny Book Review

It is available online at Amazon.

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