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January 18, 2015
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“And when it’s cold and foggy
On the rocks near Spanish Room
They say you hear him laughing
And you smell that French perfume.”

– Bob Hallett, Sea of No Cares

The first time I heard the song, French Perfume, I knew there has to be something very special about fragrances produced by this fashion country. So, on my first trip to Paris months back, I had kept perfume shopping a matter of top priority. At the same time I knew it had to be a fragrance not written about often in every fashion glossy. I did find some stores that offer customised fragrances. Sounds super sexy right! But the prices their sort of created an imaginary hole in my wallet. However, walking through Parisian streets did some good and I discovered this amazing and purely French Perfumerie, Nicolaï.

This family run business was started by Patricia de Nicolaï and her husband Jean-Louis Michau in 1989 to revive a simple and strong concept coming from a long and historical family tradition. In Paris, the stores are located at seven places with a huge number of fragrances for you and for your home both. The staff was extremely aware and helped in finding out the most suited perfume for my personality and body temperature. After sniffing a great dose of flowery potion, I settled for Musk Intense, which is strong and sexy but not overpowering . It has hints of Galbanum, pear followed by rose, violet, jasmine and lastly some sandalwood and musk.

I love wearing it during the day and works well for evenings too. The prices are definitely not low but I can assure value for money. So, far I have not come across in any high-street stores, making it a worthy buy.

P.S: If you are not visiting Paris or London (one store there too) anytime soon then don’t worry because they deliver worldwide.

Price- 100 ml- 158,00 €; 30 ml- 53,00 €

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