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February 19, 2015
New Look

While, the internet was flooded with red hearts last few days, I was all lazy in posting anything remotely concerning Valentines Day. That’s partly because I am never too excited about it, except for the chocolates and flowers that I greedily anticipate. But that, I would be happy about on any given day; especially if chocolates are bitter and flowers are LILIES. 

(Talking favourites, my husband got me Tulips of uncoordinated lengths and colours and no chocolates to go with) 😉

But that’s exactly why I love him so much. His naiveness has the power to turn me soft towards something as appalling as Crocs for footwear. That does sound a little dramatic though because he made up for the flowers with these green oxfords from Clarks(pic below); something that was on my wishlist for a while. So, take a look at my candy hued post dedicated to the sweet-bitter love we share with everyone around us who matters. Also, for me the day remains incomplete without a dose of good food. I started mine with buckwheat pancakes topped with chilli-chocolate spread from Fassbender & Rausch. For lunch, I had my favourite ever red kidney-beans with rice and evening dose of flat white at Father Carpenter Coffee Brewers. I love this cafe for the love they show towards coffee-making and you can truly taste that.

That is how it went for me; pretty simple or just how I like it. Share with me about your take on the day and how you spent it!

1-DSC_0216 1-DSC_0224 1-DSC_0226 1-DSC_0228 1-DSC_0234 1-DSC_0240 1-DSC_0242 1-DSC_0244 1-DSC_0246Shoes from Clarks, Pink Sweater, Woollen skirt and Umbrella from New Look, Sunnies from Prada, Lip Crayon by Bobbi Brown and Coat from Zara.



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