Cocoa Oats Breakfast Parfait

April 19, 2015

Easy breakfast does not mean boring milk and cereals at all! Make it interesting with colorful parfait and more that I keep sharing with you guys here. The focus always remains health, yummy and fuss free recipes.

Key to simple parfait is to make a base with anything you like; such as buckwheat, oats (rolled or broken), bulgur etc. and layer it up with fruits, nuts and about anything that you like.  

Here, is the recipe for this sexy one that is ten times more filling than what it looks like!


1/2 cup oats

1 cup milk of choice

1 tsp cocoa powder or little more if you like it that way

Little honey

2 tbs hemp seeds

1/2 cup pureed berries; I used fresh strawberries

More fruits of choice. Here, you see mangoes and bananas


Heat the milk in a small cooking utensil and add the oats. Keep stirring till the oats are cooked and you see a thick consistency. It should look like a pudding texture because that’s what you need. Add honey if you like it sweet. I skip it because the fruits take care of that bit.

Once it has cooled down, spoon it down in a glass or mason jar. Layer it up with the hemp seeds, strawberry puree and the fruits to follow. You can make this a night before and refrigerate. I only prepare the oats base and top it up with fresh fruits the morning after.


Cocoa Oats Breakfast Parfait Cocoa Oats Breakfast Parfait Cocoa Oats Breakfast Parfait Cocoa Oats Breakfast Parfait Cocoa Oats Breakfast Parfait

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