Commandments of Chic

April 17, 2016
Notes of Chic

Sorry guys but ‘chic’ is what money cannot buy any of us. You either have it or you don’t. Saying that, there is absolutely nothing in the world we can’t learn. I learn a little everyday; sometimes from my own mistakes and a lot of times by those made by others. Talking chic, it is often trivialised as just clothes and make-up and that’s the myth we will break today. 

Firstly, ‘Chic word comes from France and was first used in 1856. Etymologically, it could have been derived from the German word Schick, which translates to skill, fitness, elegance and finesse.’ 

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So let’s together look at the different things that make chic.

Chic Fashion: In today’s age of social media where there is a constant dialogue going on between people across the world; through Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook etc., it is almost impossible to keep up with each and every trend. By the time you buy one thing, it is already nearly outdated. Besides, trends are just manipulating strategies set by the fashion powerhouses. Amidst all this mess the only way to survive is to top the game and make your own trends. Do what you like and what you feel comfortable in. But whatever you wear, here are some key tips to always look chic on budget:

  • Less is more: Being fashionable does not mean being loaded in accessories, hats, fake lashes, pop lips etc. Keep it as simple as possible and stick to one trend at a time (if you follow trends). Know your style and invest in few pieces that you can team up differently and wear time and again through any season.
  • Focus on one things at a time: I see a lot of co-bloggers who put on extremely heavy eye makeup and along with it apply a bright red lipstick in full glory. Unfortunately, as a simple rule you should focus on only one part of your face at a time. Too much everywhere will make you look dramatic. Secondly, red lipstick is great but first find your two shades that are best suited for your skin color. Choose a darker one for winters and a fresher one for hotter months. These can be your go-to lipsticks. Don’t fill your eyes with kohl and liner along with a a bright lipstick. That kind of makeup you can keep for an ethnic festive night or a fancy dress competition.
  • Comfort is key: Nothing is more appalling than a beautiful girl wearing tall heels and walking like a duck. Nobody in history said that heels will make you look good even if your gait is compromised. I wear flats or medium-sized heels 99.9 % of times and I feel sexy no matter what the size of my heel be. If you do wear heels occasionally then sneak in a pair of comfy ballerinas in your tote to rely on later. All smart women do that! I would suggest in investing in a pair of pretty balmorals which can add character to a simple t-shirt and jeans look. Flats like these look equally or even more powerful than heels and will work at any time of the day.
  • Don’t splurge for namesake: Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Dior and blah are things of the past. Luxury lies in what’s different and true luxury should be understated. Find that different! Pick up exclusives while travelling. Go to different pop up stores and pick what you like and not what fashion glossies have made us into believing is nice. I am not saying that the mentioned brands are bad. Of course they are iconic for a reason but buying their bags for the sake of flaunting the brand makes it pretty cheesy.
  • Smell good: Not all of us are blessed with a naturally good odour or no odour. If you are someone who has a strong odour then try to spend time in finding a good fragrance. But before spending money try to get samples from perfumeries and test them on your skin. All perfumes behave differently on different skins depending on our body temperatures. That’s why it is important you try a fragrance first and be sure of how it smells afterwards and how long it really lasts. Buy it and wear it. If you don’t like buying perfumes and are more of a natural lass then you can even create your own at home using essential oils. It can also be a cool D.I.Y. project. Berlin fashion blogger_Tangerine dress4

Chic Health: It took me a long time to realize but health is truly the most important luxury we have. Save it and build on it while you can. But again, this does not imply being size 0 but being your best self.

  • Love your body: Loving translates to making efforts of maintaining a balanced lifestyle with good food habits and basic workout for your body and mind. Try to find out what are the best foods for your specific health condition because nobody will know better than you what works and what does not. Stop running after shortcuts like dieting and crazy meds to cut down weight. Its your biological body. Love it. Cherish it. Don’t force your insane strategies on it.
  • Stay hydrated: I am not the first one to say this and millions have said it time and again only for a reason. Nothing will work more than well hydrated skin. Skin that is well replenished and moisturized always stands out. Drink lots and lots of water all day. Carry it along when you step out. It will show on your face and your mouth will feel fresh and kissable always. Berlin fashion blogger_Tangerine dress11 Berlin fashion blogger_Tangerine dress8

Chic Attitude: The clothes we wear and how we look makes for only the first impression. To be meaningful in other’s life, we need to get our inside right.

  • Gratitude: Chic is pretty much synonymous to having attributes like gratitude, warmth and generosity. If you are selfish, rude, arrogant as hell and take pride in the most shallow of things then well, you are far from being chic. In fact, this point goes on top of this list. So, next time you are in a restaurant, smile and say thank you to the people who wait your table because they owe you nothing and neither does anyone else in this world.
  • Optimistic: We all have our ups and downs in life. We all have body issues, breakups, career failures and what not. But a chic woman tries to still stay positive or atleast focus more on the brighter side of things. Does it not sound better than constantly complaining about your life and problems? Well, if there are problems then we should first talk about how much effort we put in to fix them rather than saying how long we waited for the problems to go and why it has to be us and why it always happens this way. Act and then react!
  • Awareness: Lately, I came across a lot of people who love to share strong opinions on almost everything and can argue to no limits to prove their self-taught facts. That brings me to believe; “Exploring is not just a workout for keeping your brain healthy but also a  key to having healthy social interactions.” It is important to have some topics of interest or some hobby that you are aware about. It can be politics, art, sociology, books, movies, magazines, cooking, travelling, writing, museums or anything that interests you. Secondly, learn to listen when people talk; something that I am trying hard to do as well. You will be surprised over how much you can learn by just hearing out. Besides, you being more aware and a better listener, will make people respect your arguments and experiences a lot more.
  • Relationships: We all make wrong choices. We all meet the wrong people. But a chic woman learns from those mistakes and upon realizing would walk out of a relationship that takes toll on her health and mind, where she is not respected or where the man is just obnoxious. If you want the world to respect you then respect yourself first.

Last but most importantly, be the kind of woman who supports other women rather than pulling them down. This goes for your personal and professional life both.

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Notes of Chic

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    Great post!! I read every word to the end. I love you blog BTW!

    • Reply Shagun Tomar November 9, 2016 at 10:02 am

      Thanks you so much! Those are very motivating words!

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