Flared Jeans On Flats

March 19, 2016

A close friend of mine who follows trends closely recently mentioned how she has not been able to wear flared jeans because her current knee pain does not allow her to wear heels. It baffles me how trend reports in magazines restrict people in deciding their own trends based on their personal convenience.  

I am someone who hardly wear heels. For that matter I don’t believe in doing anything that can even closely make me uncomfortable. But that does not mean I won’t wear flared jeans. If teamed up nicely and worn with confidence then anything and everything goes. ‘Fashion and style should free you from rules and not restrict.’

So, here I am with this small post of pictures I shot today under the sun today, wearing my new pair of flared jeans with a denim shirt and flat white sneakers have a very small platform. This look is very casual and I like to keep things very minimalist with my Casio watch and sunnies being the only accessories. I tied the hair into low tail to give the otherwise simple look a little bit seriousness.

Besides, what’s up with so many Indian bloggers who dress up dramatically loud for blog posts wearing every possible color, trend, accessory and bright lipstick in one frame. #justsaying

Wish they remember soon how blogging was supposed to be all about real and not a curated show of freebies.

Jeans: Kauf Dich Glücklich (direct product link)

Denim shirt: Massimo Dutti

Watch: Casio bought at MONOQI 

Sneakers: KEDS

Sunnies: Han Kjøbenhavn
Fashion blog_notes of chic_denim look1 Fashion blog_notes of chic_denim look2 Fashion blog_notes of chic_denim look3 Fashion blog_notes of chic_denim look4 Fashion blog_notes of chic_denim look5 Fashion blog_notes of chic_denim look6 Fashion blog_notes of chic_denim look7 Fashion blog_notes of chic_denim look8

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