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August 14, 2012
Photography is a passion but very few know the art of materialising that it into beauty that can be seen by the eyes and felt by the soul. Prabuddha Dasgupta, one of the finest Indian photographers sadly passed away on 12-08-12 in Mumbai. This post is dedicated to all his devotion and work in the field of fashion photography and otherwise. I am sharing with you a fraction of his work. 

More about him- Prabuddha Dasgupta was a self-taught photographer who grew up in the cultural chaos of post-colonial India. In 1996, he broke a taboo by publishing ‘Women’ (Viking Books), a controversial collection of portraits and nudes of urban Indian women. With that gesture, he reinstated the nude to its rightful place in the Indian discourse; after 200 years of Victorian morality imposed by the British colonialists had almost erased sexuality from artistic expression…in the very home of kamasutra. In the decade that followed, Dasgupta pursued a variety of photographic projects, while unapologetically straddling the two worlds of commissioned and artistic work, bringing to both, a bold, individualistic sensibility that quickly placed him in the ranks of major photographic talent in the country. His work has been exhibited internationally, both in solo and group shows, and published in Indian, European and American magazines. 

His second book, ‘Ladakh’ (Viking Books), a personal exploration of India’s frontier wilderness was published in 2000 and his work is included in manybooks publications including ‘Nudi’ (Motta Editore, Milan) and ‘India Now- New Photographic Visions’ (Textuel, Paris). 

He was also the recipient of many grants and awards including Yves Saint Laurent grant for photography in 1991, and his works in the collections of many individuals and institutions, like the Museo Ken Damy, Brescia, Italy and Galleria Carla Sozzani, Milan, Italy. In 2009 Dasgupta’s third book, ‘Edge of Faith’ was published by Seagull Books. 

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