Healthiest Ever Protein Rich Pear Smoothie

November 24, 2014
Protein Rich Pear Smoothie

Ok…So, this smoothie is the healthiest and most filling smoothie ever. PERIOD

Once you see the ingredients you will get a fair idea of what I am taking about. But the main realisation settles in when you actually make it.

Pears, almond milk, superfoods, spinach, protein powder all together act like a powerful recovery boost post workout or just to awaken a dead morning. I found this recipe in my favourite book-`The Blender Girl´, and love making it as a post workout meal. It is an easy way to incorporate a lot of healthy ingredients in one thing and drink them up.

Trust me for the taste and do try it!!

Ingredients (For 2) –

Almond Milk or Hemp Milk (unsweetened) – 1 cup

Probiotic powder (optional) – 1/2 teaspoon

Vegan vanilla protein powder or any other that you normally use- 1 tablespoon

Ripe pears (seeded and diced)- 3 small or 2 big

Firmly packed baby spinach- 2 cups

Banana- 1/2

Raw almond butter- 2 tablespoon

Freshly squeezed lime juice- 1 tablespoon or more to taste

Freshly minced ginger- 2 teaspoons

Hemp seeds- 1 teaspoon

Pinch of natural salt

Ice cubes- Depends on how cold you like it

1 pitted date (soaked)


Put all the ingredients together in your blender and blend on high speed for 30 seconds or until smooth to desired consistency. Add salt, lime to taste if needed and enjoy!

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Pear Vegan SmoothieProtein Rich Pear Smoothie

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