India Bridal Week 13´

July 30, 2013
Hello guys! Hope all of you have been keeping it stylish this monsoon just like I have. I have been crazily busy attending the India Bridal Fashion Week 13´. Not even over the fashion gala and already preparing for PCJ Delhi Couture Week 2013 starting from tomorrow. For all show reviews please follow my other blog, Since, this blog is more of my personal take on events and trends, let me quickly show you things that fascinated me at IBFW. 

The first day was quite chaotic with the delayed opening show of JJ Valaya. The collection was 6 on 10 for me. His collection, Maharaja of Madrid did bring some good moments. The things I really liked were turban like head gears, coats over saris and extensive use of velvet. The show ended with Kabir Bedi and Kangana Ranaut walking the ramp and looking like royals indeed. 
Models in JJ Valaya
Kabir Bedi for JJ Valaya
Kangana Ranaut for JJ Valaya

Second show to have impressed me was Raghavendra Rathore. I loved the way he played with colours for men. However, many criticised him on the grounds that his collection did not fit the criterion of bridal. For once I felt the same but on second thoughts I realised bridal isn’t just about the wedding ceremonies. It also includes a lot more you carry in your trousseau so I let him pass with 6 on 10. 🙂 What more, Anil Kapoor closed the show for him. 
Model wearing Raghavendra Rathore
Model wearing Raghavendra Rathore
Model wearing Raghavendra Rathore
Anil Kapoor for Raghavendra Rathore

 Meera Muzaffar Ali´s collection is so much worth a note. She completely recreated the charm of a Lucknowi royal courtyard. Chikankari work never looked more appealing to me before. She played with basic tones of white and beige in different textures, further beautified with zardozi. Without any celebrity showstoppers her collection left a mark. 

Model wearing Meera Muzaffar Ali
Model wearing Meera Muzaffar Ali
Models wearing Meera Muzaffar Ali
Models wearing Meera Muzaffar Ali
And now let me talk about the designer who left me with goosebumps and an emotional stir, Rohit Bal. Every detail about the show was plain and simple mesmerising. The set was beautifully adorned with lotus flower pendant lamps hanging from the ceiling. The song that commenced the show was ´Khoya Khoya Chand´, taking the audience for romantic journey. The collection was a perfect fusion of the Indian heritage and Victorian style. High collared frilled blouses were teamed with saris and floor sweeping jackets. The key highlight of the collection was the use of muslin just like the Elizabethan era. Another thing everyone loved were the Victorian styled corset blouses teamed with embroidered saris. The fusion was breathtaking. He also had a lot of interesting styles for men, something we don´t usually get to see. Male models looked Sufi in floor sweeping sherwanis. Majestic is what can define the collection. Oh and yes the very stylish Sonam Kapoor closed the show for him.

Model wearing Rohit Bal
      Model wearing Rohit Bal
Sonam Kapoor with Rohit Bal
Sonam Kapoor walking the ramp for Rohit Bal

Finally on day 6 was the closing show of Tarun Tahiliani. I am not sure why am I writing about it because all I remember of the show was chaos, claustrophobic hall, heat and unnecessary dance performances thrice in between the show. Nevertheless, the collection was not bad if not as good as Rohit Bal´s. 😛 He was appreciated by many but for some reason I am personally not a big fan of Diamante work on Indian wear. I did love some of his pieces though! And what I liked the most was the ethereal Lisa Haydon who walked the ramp a couple of times wearing beautiful outfits. See below for yourself!  

Lisa Haydon for Tarun Tahiliani 
Model wearing Tarun Tahiliani
Lisa Haydon for Tarun Tahiliani
Lisa Haydon for Tarun Tahiliani
Model wearing Tarun Tahiliani
Indrani Dasgupta wearing Tarun Tahiliani
And because fashion weeks are beyond plain reporting, here is a dose of all the fun I had. 🙂 
Snigdha Ahuja and Arpita Kala from HT City
Akshay Kaushal and Ankita Shukla from
 Amanda Bhandari & Mili Agarwal of Style Coquettes
                                             Backstage- Ambika Pillai´s Team 

Prateik Babbar In His Most Laidback Form Possible
His Pretentious Serious Face
                             Relaxing after the show
Arpita Again. This time with a breezer
 Swati Ailawadi of The Creative Bent with a friend
Isha Gupta, Writer and Stylist
          Akshay Kaushal & Me
Shivani, Kanika and Aanchal from Pernia´s Pop Up Shop
                                       Neha Vohra and Aanchal Bhatia of Headtilt
Sonam Kapoor. It is so candid!!

IBFW is over for now but keep waiting for all the dope I will bring to you from PCJ Delhi Couture Week 2013


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