Joseph – Brot vom Pheinsten- Best Café in Vienna

August 23, 2015
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Whenever I travel somewhere in Europe, I like to visit some nice café in any city or town. Ones that are beautiful to look at, have some heritage or just know how to make simple good coffee and food. Recent trip to Vienna was no different with me having heard that the city has some of the best coffee places. To be honest, with the coffee scene evolving in Berlin, it is becoming very difficult for me to find better coffee anywhere in the world; at par of of course but better is too strong a word.

So, we were staying in Mitte (centre) of Vienna and most of the beautiful parts were pretty walkable from there. But the best thing was to have Joseph café around which my recently installed app, ‘Cool-cities‘ suggested me. The café boasts of using the best ingredients from all over Austria and combines them together using age-old recipes. They are also very proud of their breads and bakes, which I can agree with completely. The spinach and cheese puff pastry was extremely well-baked with a very crusty crust and a subtle flavour of the two main fillings.

Rohan really loved their Chia Kefir Papaya Mango drink and I was a little biased towards Coconut Aloe Vera Refresher, which was perfect for the hot Viennese afternoon. I also tried the vegan breakfast of a vegan crepe with avocado, scrambled tofu, sweet corn, rucola and tomatoes with kidney beans dip and liked it a lot.  Maybe I will try to recreate it sometime soon. The cappuccino was very well made but a little mild for my taste. Last thing that I can claim being good was the avocado based detox drink! I even forced Rohan to click a selfie with it (last pic).

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