December 29, 2010
Its chilly cold weather but that does not really come in the way of our partying. Does it?
Taking care of the same spirit, Kazo has launched its ‘Winter- Party’ collection. Clothes and accessories that loudly spell out cheer and oomph are all set to be a part of your bling commode. The collection is all about lavish ethnicity with raw silks, lace, rich and fully covered sequins, superfluities and all that defines Kazo’s signature.
Grab wrap dresses, satin and georgette ruffle blouses, jewelled necklines, crepe tops, premium jerseys, skinny jeans and edgy prints to add glamour to your evenings.  The collection has feminine fabrics in black, beige, grey and blue which are warm and comfortable. My personal pick are the shorts with quilting and lace appliqués.
Also, available are a lot of bags and accessories to round off your look.
Price: Rs 800 to 5,900
Availability: Kazo stores in Delhi and Mumbai

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