Lancôme Rouge In Love Review

September 19, 2014
I have a bad tendency to do last minute shopping before any vacation. I generally delay buying small little essentials till I hit the airport and naturally end up buying stuff from Duty-Free. Such shopping cannot really be well thought out one and is mostly impulsive. Lancôme Rouge in Love lipstick I bought just that way while on my way to Spain. 
I hardly buy lipsticks so would have hated if it came out to be that horrible kind of purchase. However, turns out that it is one of my favourites now. Rightly put by the brand, it is feather lite. Trust me. That is one thing I can vouch for. So far, it is the lightest lipstick I have worn. I also love the smell so much; it is rosy (sexy rosy and not tacky). Coming to the important part, it lasts upto 5-6 hours provided you are not clumsy like me. I tend to rub off lipsticks now and then. The colour as you can see is beautiful pink perfect for all seasons. It is appropriate for scorching summers, spring, fall and icy days too. Also, it kinda nourishes the lips so you don´t have to worry about chapped skin.
Price- £21.50/INR 2,141.37
Available at Lancome Stores and major cosmetic stores.
Lancome Rouge In Love



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