Life Through Their Lens

November 19, 2015

Last few days I have been trying hard to apprehend what level of delusion of grandeur it must require to kill innocent people in the name of God. No matter how many more days I spend I can never come to terms with what happened in Paris Bataclan, in Mumbai Taj years back or in New York 9/11. It is also chilling to see how human perception is so strong and different for everyone. A drop of blood can give someone nausea while the others a sense of joy.

The world would be way better a place to live if we could at all times be able to view the world through each others eyes. We could see other’s joys and fears, see their side of the story and feel them better. That’s exactly what photographs for me are. I love looking at images and art as they are nothing but tangible perceptions of others. They are bits of life as experienced or felt by the artist. It’s truly seeing life through their lens. If this is how we could also see with our bare eyes then the world would have greater compassion and empathy; two important pillars of promoting peace.

This is the thought that I got when I visited Lumas Art Gallery in Berlin as they launched their new series ‘Lumas Art Now’.

True to the name, this collection comprises of photography art in postcard sizes, perfect for take away, gifting or sending in mails. They can easily be hanged, fastened magnetically or made to stand. I specifically loved the animals portraits against contrasting wallpapers. I was always a fan of the gallery for their beautiful collection of fashion portraits and landscapes. This practical collection makes it even better.

Besides, it was not just this deep thought that prevailed through the evening. Their were beautiful faces, champagne, pies, macarons and so much more. Let share art…

IMG_4920IMG_4825 IMG_4923

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