O’Neill’s Unique Sandals Made from Indian Palm Leaves

July 29, 2016
O'Neill Palm Sandals (14)

I love palm trees and their tropical vibe. So it was very natural for me to fall for the idea of utilising (otherwise wasted) palm tree leaves for making pretty cool sandals. This post introduces Jack O’Neill, who conceptualised the idea in order to do his bit towards protecting the environment. His brand O’Neill Footwear teamed up with Dutch designer Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven, who after researching for four years, were able to transform the leaves into palm laminate that can be used for making the sandals. O'Neill Palm Sandals (23)

But that’s not it. The project not only benefits the environment but also a lot of South-Indian people who get paid for each leaf which they collect. This project is rightly called, ‘The Tree Of Life Project’.

This month they launched two styles of palm leaf sandals for women: a toe strap sandal, which is called ‘Chelsea’ and a cross strap sandal, named ‘Sophie’.

Availability – Selected outlets across Europe for €79,95


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