Summer love – Chance Eau Tendre

July 23, 2015
Chanel Chance Review

Summers were never my favourite season of the year until I moved to chilly Berlin. Now I love summers and everything about it. The sun, the flowers, the ice creams, colas and my balcony that I dress up with much love and is practically usable only in summers. I also love the change from my usual spicy fragrances to floral, citric and sweet ones. Here is one of my favourite summer perfumes – Chance Eau Tendre.   Continue Reading…

Pretty vegan shoes are finally here

July 19, 2015
Jackie pump

I have always gotten frustrated while buying shoes because finding beautiful vegan leather shoes is like searching for a needle in haystack. Either they are not vegan or they are hideous. Simple chic and vegan put together is difficult to find. But I am so happy to introduce this all new brand from London that is taking the problem seriously and passionately. Continue Reading…

Countryside Lounging

July 18, 2015
Berlin Fashion Blogger

Posting on Saturdays is kind of customary now for me but this one is a really special post. It has most of the things I really love- Tuscan countryside house, big glossy skirt, white shirt (everyone must know my obsession with white shirts by now) and my all new short hair!!  Continue Reading…

Tangerine Burst

July 11, 2015
Steet Style_Fashion blog

I am really excited to launch a new section on the website today- Street Style. It will feature stylish people who I meet, know or bump into. Giving it a kickstart with my pretty colleague, Larisse Mac Donald, 27
Continue Reading…

Esther Perbandt at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin Spring/Summer 16

July 9, 2015
Esther Perbandt

Like you all must be aware Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is on and everything currently is so stirred and vibrant in Berlin. Unfortunately with my work, there are only few shows I am able to attend. These are the times when I consider taking up blogging full-time. On second thoughts, I love the fact that I do more than just one thing. It gives me an opportunity to learn more, work with different people and have many new experiences.

Moving on to fashion week, here is a video I made for you guys Continue Reading…

Vogue & Vegan for sisterMAG

July 6, 2015
Top fashion blogs

I hope everyone is enjoying the summers! I just returned from Tuscany and have loads coming up on the blog about it! Meanwhile, I am very excited to share my collaboration with one of the best digital magazines, ‘sisterMAG‘.

I was on the cover for their 19th Issue and here are the bits of the photo-shoot, which took place against the beautiful skyline of Dresden.  Continue Reading…

Reading Corner Inspiration

June 13, 2015
Indian lifestyle Blog_home decor

Here is a quick reading corner inspiration from a little corner in my house. Added a small Audrey Hepburn frame today that reads- “Simplify your life.” Besides, also sharing this weekend’s flowers on my coffee table. Can’t resist that pink! Continue Reading…

Summer Inspiration

May 27, 2015

Just to make you guys look forward to summers!

Source- Vogue

Photographed by Sofia Malamute

Brunch Ready

May 24, 2015
Fashion blog_Vogue and Vegan

There are people who go head banging on alcohol and more on weekends and then those who look forward to healthy brunches. I am one of the latter. After being a late night owl for years, I have completely given into the childhood rhyme ‘Early to bed and early to rise’.  Continue Reading…

Evenings by Elbe

May 22, 2015
Travel Blog_Dresden

Medieval spires, cathedrals, castle and cakes form the vibe of this beautiful Saxony city, Dresden. Amidst all that what grasps our constant attention is river Elbe with its over the years perfected curves and flows. Continue Reading…

Here’s News!!

May 10, 2015
Berlin Supper Club

If you live in Berlin or travel here often and love authentic Indian food with a healthier twist then keep an eye on this space! Details to follow soon!!

Baked Tofu With Easiest Salad

April 26, 2015
Baked Tofu Recipe

Tofu craving much? Here’s sharing an easy weekday dinner idea that I bring to use often. Marinated baked tofu remains constant while the accompaniment changes; sometimes its salad and then soups or mashed sweet potatoes or anything that I can think of then.  Continue Reading…

Cocoa Oats Breakfast Parfait

April 19, 2015

Easy breakfast does not mean boring milk and cereals at all! Make it interesting with colorful parfait and more that I keep sharing with you guys here. The focus always remains health, yummy and fuss free recipes.

Key to simple parfait is to make a base with anything you like; such as buckwheat, oats (rolled or broken), bulgur etc. and layer it up with fruits, nuts and about anything that you like.   Continue Reading…

Weekend In A Castle

April 11, 2015
Indian Fashion Blogger

I hope that everyone had a great Easter break or let me say the last long weekend. I took a small trip to Dresden with my love and friends and brought back some amazing memories and these pictures, which I am really excited to share with you guys. It was one of my most spontaneous shoots that took place out of my sudden love for  Schlosshotel’s corridors, sunny weather, bold pout and my ruffled jacket. Continue Reading…

Healthy & Vegan Peanut Choco Truffles

March 22, 2015
Peanut truffles

My husband never really cooks but his sweet tooth from time to time instigates him to dirty his hands in dough, cacao and agave. So, recently he decided to surprise me with some healthy truffles by using this recipe and I am glad he did because they were a perfect blend of peanut butter, chocolate and just enough sweetness.

Continue Reading…

Candy Crush

February 19, 2015
New Look

While, the internet was flooded with red hearts last few days, I was all lazy in posting anything remotely concerning Valentines Day. That’s partly because I am never too excited about it, except for the chocolates and flowers that I greedily anticipate. But that, I would be happy about on any given day; especially if chocolates are bitter and flowers are LILIES.  Continue Reading…

Blame It On Destiny

February 4, 2015
Blame It On Destiny Book Review

It was some October afternoon when I received my copy of the book Blame It On Destiny by Indian author, Soorina Desai.

To be very honest, I was so busy with a lot of things back then that I kept delaying reading it. However, thanks to the enticing excerpts, I finally started reading it on my flight back to India in December Continue Reading…

Mickey and Me

February 2, 2015
Fashion Bloggers

“I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse.”

—Walt Disney, Disneyland; October 27, 1954
As much as I am paranoid of a real mouse, there is no denying that reel mouse, Mickey is one of my favourite cartoon characters from Disney. Born in 1928, Mickey Mouse remains the official representative of the group and has managed to keep generations glued; to the extent that our very quirky designer, Masaba Gupta launched a line inspired by the same for Satya Paul.

Continue Reading…

Orange meets goji

January 24, 2015
Orange Banana Goji Smoothie

We all have days, when we like all things citric. A result of one such day is this smoothie recipe made with fresh orange juice. Already sounds tempting? Continue Reading…

Eggless Banana & Choco Cake Recipe

January 21, 2015
Eggless Banana Cake Recipe Vegan

I can barely imagine winters without a hot cuppa and some cake to go with it. And just so that you all know, baking is my new interest. After few failures at it, I have finally managed to get some things right including this semi-sweet banana and choco cake. Continue Reading…


January 20, 2015
Lavender Body Lotion

Through my beauty posts, I try and bring to you the most natural tried and tested beauty products and brands from the world over. Going by that pact, this post will talk about an amazing beauty brand from the romantic town, Prague that you must not miss when there. Continue Reading…

Buy Me That French Perfume

January 18, 2015
Top Perfumes

“And when it’s cold and foggy
On the rocks near Spanish Room
They say you hear him laughing
And you smell that French perfume.”

– Bob Hallett, Sea of No Cares

The first time I heard the song, French Perfume, I knew there has to be something very special about fragrances produced by this fashion country. Continue Reading…

Colour Dip

January 10, 2015
The Quirk Box

After my long affair with monochrome palette, I am all set to make a colourful début this year. Helping me with the same, is The Quirk Box with their much quirky and colour-clad stuff. Need not to mention, the product in focus here is their colour boxed shirt, which I teamed up with my body-con dress and not regular jeans or shorts.  Continue Reading…

Shine some quirk

January 10, 2015
The quirk box

Happy New Year to all my folks here! After a long break that I spent in India, I am back to blogging much. Starting with this post, I am excited to share my newly found love in India, The Quirk Box. Continue Reading…