Relationships and Mobile Connectivity

August 7, 2016

11:45 am- I was in crazy amount of hurry to rush to my yoga class, scheduled at 12:15 every Sunday

But just when I was about to leave, my phone pinged. I checked thinking it will be a quick one. It was someone very close to me asking my whereabouts and where have I been hiding. Hiding because it had been approximately 24 hours we did not talk over Watsapp/Facetime. The gap primarily because all of the previous day I laid in bed with migraine and running nose and preferred keeping my phone a little away. I tried to explain myself but the other person took it as a stubborn defence.

12:00 – During this exchange of heated messages that made me look bad as I do not call often (not every single day) and message frequently, I got late for my yoga and ended up skipping it.

What could have been better?

17:00 – I am out for a walk with my husband after all Sunday gone in unavoidable chores. We are finally talking about things that we hardly get to talk about all week. My phone pings again. I check if there is anything urgent. Nothing. Then I take the liberty to focus on the moment and get back to my friends later.

Is it wrong to be focussed in the moment and not live through the phone?

A little rewind…

Last few days, when the same people needed me, I was calling and checking again and again. I exchanged a zillion messages even while crossing red-lights.

Impact: Today, I was accused of calling and responding when I have ample time and not otherwise.

Truth: I prioritized responding when my attention was required and they were in the dark. When I thought they were better and I was rather sick and busy, I preferred some silence.

Does that make me selfish?

To all those who hate me for not chatting/skyping/instatalking and facetiming as often as expected, I am not sorry for trying to stay away from my phone and spending it looking at nature, people present, reading books, clicking photos, learning yoga, cooking, cleaning my home and then doing it up with fresh flowers, blogging, trying to be better at my job (which requires research and reading beyond office hours) and many other things that make us.

BUT One Promise: Whenever you need me, I will be there for real. Whenever I want to unwind, I will do it with you. We will together share all our good times and our bad times.

In the end, we all choose people who are like us, who make us happy and share the same energy. This is me.

Was I always like this? 

NO. Since, I bought my first ‘Smart Phone’ I lost a lot of time on social media discovering things that were far away and losing what was close. That’s why I am trying to undo the damage I caused to myself and to those who wanted me in the moment! I am sorry for that. 

Btw, some photos that I took during that evening walk to flaunt my new vegan Converse chucks.

DSC_1694fashion blog_converse1-001 fashion blog_converse2-002 fashion blog_converse3-001 fashion blog_converse4-001

DSC_1702 DSC_1697

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