Summer Trends 2010

July 18, 2010

1. Boy Shorts: After flaunting those Boyfriend Blazers last season, its time you flaunt boy shorts. Vintage or contemporary they are hot.

2. Loose Braids: It is high time you get rid of your neatly combed hair and let them loose to play. Either tie a casual braid 0r add some colours with vibrant bows and ribbons.

3. Lollypop Lips: Do not shy away from making your pout a lively one. Hot this season is Lady Gaga lipstick from M.A.C. You could also go for Clarins Orange Fizz

4. Princess Stretch Dress from FCUK: These sparkling stretch dresses come with shoulder pads and crew neckline giving you a rich aristocratic look in a futuristic way.

5. Hermes Birkin Bag: Louis Vuitton is here there everywhere. If you really want to be in track with the latest then head to the Hermes store and grab a bag because its Hemes Birkin doing the rounds.

6. Maxi: After tunics and short dresses its time, you grab those printed pretty maxis and feel like a bohemian free chick.

7. Platform heels: Look an inch taller with these sexy pairs. These from Fendi.

8. Animal Prints: Be it a sexy swimwear or a snakeskin bag. It is tasteful. This sexy snake print jersey is from Stella McCartney

9. Sunglasses: Its summers… Sunglasses are necessary. All time cool are aviators but we can go beyond? The ones doing the ramp are these cat eyeglasses.

10. The last but the most important trend remains you yourself. No matter how much in vogue a thing may be in, it will not make you look good until it is meant for you. So be yourself and be stylish.

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