The Best Of Delhi Couture Week 13´

September 10, 2013
So, all those who thought I disappeared after IBFW can now relax for here I am with the best from Delhi Couture Week! Honestly, I was a little too busy with my other blog baby, Helipad on Heels and also with my pretty niece who is on my top priority list at the moment. 🙂
Getting back to what primarily interests you, PCJ Delhi Couture Week, 13´, let me share with you collections from few of my favourite designers who yet again impressed me.

Sabyasachi showcased a beautiful collection inspired by the perfume OPIUM that his mother used to wear. For me that inspiration in itself is a beautiful story. Keeping the vintage charm, he engaged traditional Ari Tari embroidery work in his pieces. Soft floral prints and sequins made for a great standout. Use of French Tule was another highlight. The colour palette comprised mainly ivory, beige, brown and peaches and trust me some pieces were pretty enough to die for!!

Now lets turn attention to Anju Modi as she rolled a collection inspired by the times of Mahabharath. The key highlight for me would be the use of symbolic motifs from that age such as elephants, horses, birds and soldiers. We also saw the use of age old foil printing technique that is no more in use. She interestingly gave a modern twist with the incorporation of new day prints, layering and silhouettes. 

And finally for all Manish Malhotra fans, this is what PCJ DCW had to offer. His collection was a great blend of India´s opulence and British lifestyle. Use of velvet and textured silk was seen in most of the pieces, further adorned with antique jewellery. The embroidery was a blend of gold and silver thread work, all done by traditional craftsmen. Colours like red, royal blue, mustard, beige and ochre reminded of 1930s era. 

Now to give the vintage a break, lets look at the king of kitch, Manish Arora as he showcased his first ever bridal collection. The collection was a blend of many juxtaposing stories like the baroque era, Buddhist temples and Indian jewellery. The pieces were all beautifully handcrafted with enameled stones, faux leather, metals, sequins, zardosi and crystals. Pure fabrics such as chiffon, Georgettes, crepes and handwoven silk brocades were used to create the collection  for today´s bride-to-be. Needless to say art was the key highlight of his collection. 

Let me know what you think of the above collections… And saying buh-bye below in my most appreciated look from the couture week. BTW its self designed. 🙂

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