The Cat Who Found Metallic Trend

December 7, 2014
Funky Sling Bags

Metallic Trend has been around for sometime but I realised its warming and uplifting potential only when the weather in Berlin dropped to numbing levels. What reinforced the same is this quiet but inviting store in Prenzlauer Berg district of Berlin,which is a collaboration between Heimzucht and Fancy Nancy. You can see both the names written outside the dual store, situated at Danziger Strasse 10, 10435 Berlin.

The store has very interesting clothes and accessories that are unique in all senses. Where, Heimzucht has a more classic and stylish take on dressing, Fancy Nancy tickles the mischievous buds with arty accessories. Together, they make for a great place to shop fashion that you will not find at regular high-street brands. I would suggest checking it out if you live in Berlin or visiting the city.

Besides, I decided to collaborate with this store within 10 minutes of talking with the pretty girls who run this fashion gem and did this post, showcasing the Metallic Trend; along with their beautiful statement earrings and cat face sling clutch. I love the silver and black printed jumper, here teamed up with their leather high-waist pants and my own Topshop Trainers. P.S.- I had a great difficulty choosing the bag, for their wide range that includes pug face, grumpy cat, a big burger and more! You can even find some amazing phone/i-pad covers, wallets, jewel boxes and more.

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