Top 6 Must Do In Venice

October 10, 2014
Burano, The Island Of Colors...

Venice is beautiful and has its own extremely unique personality. Some might complain of the stinking canals and extreme prices but there is no doubt that all of us do want to visit Venice atleast once. For all I know, there is no city in the world that would look and feel totally flawless. Right? I absolutely loved this place and will want to visit again. And just to break the myth, the high prices are generally limited to the extremely touristy areas like San Marco (places where the chic do not belong). Just walk around a little and you can find great value for money places to eat, drink and make merry.

Now, the must dos you would all know when planning a trip. In this post I want to simplify like really simplify top 6 things that you must do. For, instance I tried all the Gelaterias recommended by many famous travel websites and realised that most were recommended just because they happen to be insanely old or famous by the means of being famous. Like I just did not like the much talked about NICO at all. I had banana flavour and I swear had to throw it after few bites. So, here I will just suggest 6 quick things that you can include in your itinerary and not regret.

1. La Boutique del Gelato– This small or rather tiny gelaterio stands at Salizzada San Lio, Castello, 5727, Venezia and serves amazing gelato flavours. Other than regular ones, I absolutely loved their chocolate mousse flavour. Check out the picture below.



2. Libreria Acqua Alta (Calle Longa Santa Maria Formosa (Campiello Del Tintor) | 5176 – Castello, 30122 Venice)– If you love books, chaos, quirk and cats then please you have to visit this store that reads at the entrance, `The Most Beautiful Bookshop In The World´. The shop is like an old school library with smell of rain water, old books, ashes etc. At the first sight it might appear like just a show business but trust me you can find some really interesting books here. Unfortunately, most books are in Italian but theatre, art and music lovers can grab some rare coffee table books and English travel books and novels as well. You can even find vintage posters just for 1 euro. Also, do not be surprised to see big cats walking around like co-owners of the shop. There are many. And don’t forget to visit the backyard that looks like this-

Do You Own Enough Books?
3. El Chioschetto(Dorsoduro 1406, Venice) This no formality and no fancy strings attached place is an inexpensive cocktail bar with an amazing view. Sit next to the canal and sip Spritz or wine. At night you could also party. Check out any events happening. Spritz...

4. Bucintoro Pasticceria: This Paticceria at Sestiere San Polo 2229, Venice is value for money place with amazing cookies and biscuits. You could consider shopping here for carry back home-baked stuff. Its pretty close to Rialto Bridge. I had some walnut cookies and loved the soft crisp with hardly any sugar taste. 

The Best Cookies ...

5. Santi Giovanni e Paolo: The Basilica di San Giovanni e Paolo is a beautiful and large church in Venice that has been given the status of a small Basilica. When I went there first, I was surprised that there was hardly any tourist, specially after having visited the Doge´s Palace in San Marco first that is flooded with thousands of tourists at any given time. This is a place where you should definitely go if you love and respect art and also need some peace time while in Venice. Must see here is the miraculous Byzantine painting, Madonna Della Pace. You can also see works of Giovanni Bellini and Bartolomeo Bon besides many others. Outside the church there is also Rosa Salva, where you can taste some desserts and gelato. It is one of the oldest and famous ones in Venice.

6. Interpreti Veneziani: Instead of wasting time and money in a Gondola ride go for a musical concert! I will suggest Interpreti Veneziani that plays Vivaldi´s music and that completely left me mesmerised. The concert takes place in an 11th century church called San Vidal near Accademia. I will leave it upto you to experience and decide how you like it but I can assure that this is a certain must do in Venice. Check out their website for relevant information- Interpreti Veneziani . Also, I was so much into the concert that I did not bother taking any photos so sorry for that blank.

Meanwhile, check out more photos from the trip. You can click on any photo to enlarge.

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