What Looks Great Fits Well Too @ 335th

December 26, 2013
Fashion I believe is not just what you wear. It embraces within its wings so much more; such as what you think and how you live. And of course talking clothes, they pass as fashionable only if they are comfortable enough for my skin.
Boasting of such high fashion and lifestyle is a new brand 335th that believes in designing customised clothes to suit different women sizes.
335th takes Ready to Wear to the next step with “Fitwear” With a passion for comfort combined with modern execution, 335th has been launched with a focus on the innovative fashion concept of “Fitwear” that fuses comfortable shapewear in clothes and accessories to create custom fits. Doesn’t it sound super interesting.I mean we can finally get clothes that fit like Haute Couture but cost like Ready To Wear.
Recently, I met the beautiful and witty woman, Poornima Vardhan who is responsible for the brand, at a neighborhood cocktail bar in Gurgaon called Cocktails & Dreams Speakeasy. I was honestly a little confused about what to love more- the bar or the brand.  

Cocktails & Dreams Speakeasy, Gurgaon
For this all girls date I wore a pair of 335th maroon leggings. Paired the same with a black and white leopard print cardigan and black and silver spectators.
It was a fun evening where the bartending expert Yangdup Lama mixed some cocktails specially keeping in mind the 335th customer and we sat talking all about our common love for fashion, life and more. We also got to choose one out of the many cocktails that represent 335th the best and I chose 335th Fire without a second thought. Made using gin and red peppers, it was great tasting, went down smoothly and still had a sexy feel to it. Exactly, how I see the brand.

Mixing Guru- Yangdup Lama
Chosen One- 335th Fire
Talking of the leggings, they were simply comfortable and pretty stylish. I loved the fabric and they were not like one of those blood sucking leggings available at the high street labels. I am sure girls know what I am talking about here. I already have my eyes set on a few pairs that I am going to buy.
Being Treated By Yangdup Lama
Posing In The Comfy Pair
And Some More Posing
Looking forward to many such fashionable dates at Cocktails and Dreams Speakeasy. Meanwhile, you can checkout the collection at www.335th.com

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